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Love Came Down – Week 5 (Christmas Eve)

December 24th, 2023

Explore with us how Stars, Angels, Shepherds, Teenagers, Crowded Cities, and Dirty Stables all give evidence that one night a few thousand years ago […]

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Embracing the Inner Peace of Christmas

December 8th, 2023

Christmas Brings Peace In the peace of Christmas, beneath the twinkling lights and festive decorations, there exists a profound essence that transcends the mere […]

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From the Garden of Eden to Gethsemane: A Journey of Trust

December 8th, 2023

From Garden To Garden God created the Garden of Eden—a place of prosperity, bliss, and perfection. However, He foresaw the need for another garden, […]

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“Trusting God Amidst the Insane Black Friday Frenzy: A Christmas Reflection”

December 8th, 2023

God’s alone presence is worth our gratitude. The irony of Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to expressing gratitude to God for life’s blessings, is not […]

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Christmas Eve 2022 – Light in the Darkness

December 24th, 2022

Darkness seems like it is everywhere, it can be consuming and lead us to struggle with finding hope and wrestling with depression and anxiety. Maybe […]

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Missing Peace Week 4

December 19th, 2021

Join us this week as we welcome in Christmas by looking at how God uses unexpected surprises to provide exactly what is needed when […]


Missing Peace Week 3

December 12th, 2021

Ever feel like your stuck waiting on God to show up in your situation or circumstance? The Israelites felt very much the same as […]


Missing Peace – Week 2

December 5th, 2021

Christmas season is usually quite chaotic… with all the last minute gift buying or wrapping, all the family get-togethers, and trying to maximize the […]


Missing Peace Week 1

November 28th, 2021

Life can be chaotic especially around t around the Holidays. The same could be said for two thousand plus years ago as a very […]


Christmas at the Movies – Frozen

December 27th, 2020

Join as we put a wrap on Christmas and on 2020 and look towards the future with hope and a calling to handle all […]

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