Walking with Jesus

Restoring the Relationship with the Father

In a poignant sermon, Pastor Jim reflects on the profound significance of the birth of Jesus, emphasizing the restoration of a broken relationship between humanity and God. As we delve into the core message of the sermon, we discover the transformative power of Jesus, who has done all the work to reconcile us with the Father. The central question resonates: Will we choose to walk with Him?

Emmanuel – God With Us:

The sermon begins with a reminder of the prophecy found in Isaiah 7:14, “A virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel, which means God with us.” This proclamation sets the stage for understanding the depth of the events in Bethlehem. Jesus, as Emmanuel, signifies God taking on flesh and dwelling among humanity. Max Leo aptly captures this divine incarnation, stating that God came down, becoming one of us.

Living Out the Promise:

The heart of the message lies in living out the promise embedded in the name Emmanuel. Jesus, born in Bethlehem, grew from a child to a teenager and eventually into an adult who walked and talked with humanity. This profound act mirrored God’s initial interaction with mankind in the garden, fulfilling the divine dream from the very beginning. The promise, then and now, is that God desires to walk with us once again.

Understanding the Depth:

To truly grasp the significance of that night in Bethlehem, Pastor Jim challenges us to prepare our hearts. The birth of Jesus was not just a historical event but a divine intervention, a manifestation of God’s relentless pursuit of a relationship with His creation. The depth of God’s love and commitment is unfathomable, extending beyond the manger to the cross and beyond.

Continuing Promises:

As we reflect on the birth of Jesus, we are reminded that the promises made back then continue to unfold today. God’s desire to be with us, to walk and talk with us, persists through every season of life. The promises delivered in Bethlehem echo through the ages, inviting us to embrace the transformative power of a relationship with Jesus.

Walking in Glory:

The sermon culminates with a glimpse into the future. Pastor Jim encourages us to envision the day when everything turns upside down, and we walk and talk with God once again in glory. The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was not just a singular event; it was the beginning of a redemptive journey leading to the ultimate restoration of all things.

In contemplating Jim’s powerful sermon clip, we are challenged to respond to the profound truth that Jesus has done all the work to restore our relationship with the Father. The name Emmanuel serves as a constant reminder that God is with us, inviting us to live out the promise of walking with Him. As we navigate life’s journey, let us prepare our hearts, understand the depth of God’s love, and eagerly anticipate the day when we will walk with Him in glory once again.

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