The Unstoppable Power of Love

Philemon - Love changes everything

The Unstoppable Power of Love: What Happens When We Show Our True Faith In Love

Have you ever experienced a moment when everything seemed to align, when you felt an undeniable connection to something greater than yourself? It’s in these moments, when we catch a glimpse of Jesus for who He truly is, that our faith takes root and blossoms into something extraordinary His Love. Jim’s sermon touched on this profound truth, highlighting how encountering the essence of Christ transforms us from within and compels us to connect with others with a fervor unmatched by anything else.

When we truly see Jesus’s love, not just as a historical figure or a distant deity, but as the living embodiment of compassion and grace, our faith undergoes a remarkable transformation. It’s not merely about numbers or superficial growth; it’s about the deepening of our spiritual roots, the strengthening of our resolve, and the intensification of our passion for Jesus.

Faith in Fellowship

In fellowship and love with and for one another, as members of Lakeview Christian Church in Portage Lakes, we experience this growth firsthand. It’s not a solitary journey but a communal one, where we uplift and encourage one another on the path of faith. Together, we become stronger, bolder, and more vibrant in our witness for Christ.

The ripple effects of this authentic faith are undeniable as there are acts of love. As Jim emphasized, it’s not just about what we do but who we become. When our hearts are fully surrendered to Christ, our actions, words, and thoughts align with His will. We become vessels of His light, radiating His presence into a world desperate for hope and redemption.

Scripture affirms this truth in 1 John 4:7-8 (NIV), “Dear friends, let us care for one another, for compassion comes from God. Everyone who cares has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not care does not know God, because God is caring.” Our affection for others is not merely a duty but a natural outpouring of our relationship with the One who first cared for us.

Beyond Words and Actions

But it doesn’t stop there. The greatest act of kindness is to share the message of Jesus with others. Just as Dwight L. Moody famously remarked, “I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it.” Our methods may vary, but the essence remains the same: speak the name of Jesus boldly and unapologetically.

As members of Lakeview Christian Church, we are called to embody this message in our daily lives and to live in love with one another. Let us commit to the Just 3: Study, Share, and Serve. Study the Word of God fervently, allowing it to shape and mold our hearts. Share the grace of Christ with those around us, inviting them into the transformative power of His message. Serve selflessly, following in the footsteps of our Savior who came not to be served but to serve.

A Community of Service

As we grow in our faith and encounter Jesus in a deeper way, let us be compelled by compassion to share His message with others. May Lakeview Christian Church in Portage Lakes be known not only for our affection for one another but also for our unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. Together, let’s embrace the unstoppable power of compassion and fulfill our calling as ambassadors of Christ.

The essence of a truly vibrant faith community lies in the collective effort to live out the principles that Jesus embodied. To truly love one another. Every act of kindness, every word of encouragement, and every gesture of service contributes to the fabric of our spiritual family. The more we invest in these acts, the more our community reflects the heart of Jesus.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth

One of the key aspects of fostering a robust faith is the continuous pursuit of spiritual growth. This involves a deliberate and ongoing engagement with Scripture, prayer, and communal worship. Speaking to one another in truth and in love. At Lakeview Christian Church, we encourage each member to delve deeply into the Bible, seeking to understand and apply its teachings in everyday life. Through regular Bible studies, prayer groups, and worship services, we create spaces where individuals can encounter God’s presence and be transformed by His word.

Moreover, personal devotions and quiet times with God are indispensable. These moments allow for intimate communion with the Creator, where our hearts are recalibrated, and our minds renewed. It’s in these quiet moments that we often hear God’s still, small voice, guiding and directing our paths.

Embracing Love

Our church community is a tapestry of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives who strive to show and live in love with one another. This diversity is a testament to the inclusive nature of God’s kingdom. Embracing this diversity enriches our collective experience and broadens our understanding of God’s multifaceted nature. Each member brings unique gifts and insights, contributing to a more vibrant and dynamic community.

As we interact with one another, it’s essential to approach each relationship with humility and openness. Recognizing that every individual is a valuable part of the body of Christ helps us to honor and respect each other, fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Living Out the Gospel

Living out the gospel goes beyond the confines of the church walls. It calls us to be active participants in our communities, demonstrating Christ’s love through our actions. This can take many forms, from volunteering at local shelters, and participating in community clean-ups, to simply being a compassionate loveing presence in our neighborhoods.

At Lakeview Christian Church, we are committed to being a beacon of love, hope and a source of practical help to those in need. Our outreach programs are designed to address both the physical and spiritual needs of our community, embodying the holistic approach that Jesus took in His ministry.

The Power of Testimony

Personal testimonies are powerful tools for evangelism. Sharing our own stories of how Jesus has transformed our lives can inspire and encourage others on their faith journey. Each testimony is a unique narrative of God’s grace and power at work, serving as a tangible example of His love.

As a church, we should create opportunities for members to share their stories, whether in small groups, during services, or through church publications. These testimonies not only glorify God but also build up the faith of the congregation, reminding us all of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty.

Cultivating a Heart of Worship

Worship is a vital aspect of our faith experience. It’s an expression of our reverence and love for God. True worship goes beyond singing songs; it’s a lifestyle of honoring God in all that we do. Whether in our work, relationships, or personal pursuits, worship involves aligning our hearts and actions with God’s will.

At Lakeview Christian Church, our worship services are designed to create an atmosphere where individuals can encounter the love of God. Through music, prayer, and the preaching of the Word, we aim to facilitate moments of deep connection with the divine. Our worship is not confined to a specific style but is a reflection of the diverse expressions of our faith community.

Building Strong Relationships

Strong, supportive relationships are the backbone of a thriving church community. These relationships provide a network of care and accountability, helping us to stay grounded in our faith. Small groups and fellowship gatherings are excellent ways to foster these connections. In these smaller settings, individuals can share their struggles, celebrate their victories, and grow together in faith.

Mentorship is another critical component of building strong love filled relationships. More mature believers can guide and support newer believers, sharing their wisdom and experience. This discipleship model mirrors the relationship Jesus had with His disciples, where teaching and growth happened through close, personal interactions.

Engaging the Next Generation

Investing in the next generation is crucial for the longevity and vitality of the church. Children and youth are not just the future of the church; they are an integral part of its present. Providing them with solid biblical teaching, opportunities for service, and a sense of belonging helps to nurture their faith from a young age.

Youth programs, Sunday schools, and family ministries at Lakeview Christian Church aim to engage young people in meaningful ways. By creating an environment where they can ask questions, explore their faith, and build lasting friendships, we lay a strong foundation for their spiritual growth.

A Commitment to Prayer

Prayer is the lifeline of our spiritual journey. It’s through prayer that we communicate with God, seeking His guidance, strength, and wisdom. Both personal and corporate prayer are essential. Personal prayer allows for intimate conversations with God, while corporate prayer unites us as a community, aligning our hearts with God’s purposes.

At Lakeview Christian Church, we prioritize prayer in all that we do. Regular prayer meetings, prayer chains, and dedicated times of intercession during services keep us connected to God and each other. Through prayer, we support one another, seek God’s intervention in challenging situations, and celebrate His faithfulness in our lives.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, our vision for Lakeview Christian Church is one of growth and impact. We aspire to be a church that not only nurtures the faith of its members but also reaches out to the wider community with the message of Jesus. This involves strategic planning, resource allocation, and a collective commitment to our mission.

Expanding our outreach initiatives, enhancing our worship experiences, and investing in our facilities are all part of this vision. However, the most critical aspect is the continued spiritual growth of our members. As each individual deepens their relationship with Christ, the overall health and vitality of the church will flourish.


As we reflect on Jim’s sermon and the profound truth it conveyed, let us be reminded of our calling as followers of Christ. The transformative encounter with Jesus is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey of faith. As we experience His presence in our lives, let it propel us to live out our faith with passion and purpose.

Lakeview Christian Church in Portage Lakes is more than just a congregation; it’s a family. Together, we strive to embody the values of compassion, service, and unwavering commitment to the gospel. Let us continue to support and encourage one another, creating a community where everyone can grow and thrive in their faith.

May our actions, words, and lives reflect the heart of Jesus, drawing others to Him. As we move forward, let us embrace the unstoppable power of compassion, fulfilling

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