The NOT Wise Men

A Deeper Look at the Christmas Story


As the holiday season envelops us in the warmth of festive cheer, it’s only fitting to delve into the heart of the Christmas story. In a recent sermon clip, Tyler explores a pivotal moment in the narrative—the arrival of the wise men. Beyond their regal facade, these men, often inaccurately referred to as kings, held a significance that transcended their worldly titles. Let’s journey through Tyler’s insights as he unravels the essence of the wise men’s role in the unfolding Christmas narrative.

The Unexpected Wise Men:

Jim, in his sermon, guides us through the passage where the wise men make their entrance. Contrary to popular belief, their wisdom didn’t stem from royal heritage or scholarly pursuits. In fact, these individuals were likely astrologers hailing from Babylon. To fully grasp the gravity of their presence, we must rewind to biblical times when a significant figure found himself in exile in Babylon.

The Aftermath of Exile:

The biblical narrative unfolds a tale of exile and God’s provision. As the protagonist traverses the path of exile, the aftereffects of divine guidance become evident. This backdrop sets the stage for the Christmas story we celebrate today. The wise men, once astrologers from Babylon, become integral players in a larger narrative shaped by God’s providence.

Understanding the Significance:

Tyler urges us to recognize that the celebration of the wise men isn’t rooted in their titles or inherent wisdom. Instead, it emanates from the actions that define their character. The trio, often mistakenly labeled as kings, gain prominence not for who they were but for what they did. They embarked on a journey, traversing great distances, guided by a heart that sought to worship and lay precious gifts at the feet of the newborn king.

Challenging Christmas Traditions:

In an unexpected turn, Tyler disrupts our traditional understanding of the Christmas story. He challenges the notion that there were only three wise men, potentially shattering the illusion of our beloved nativity scenes. However, this revelation serves as a backdrop for a more profound exploration into why the wise men matter and how their hearts behind the act of worship leave an enduring impact.

The Heart Behind the Gifts:

As Tyler peels back the layers of the narrative, he emphasizes the true essence of the wise men’s significance—their hearts. These men traversed vast distances not for earthly grandeur but to bestow their treasures upon a baby who held the promise of changing everything. Their act of worship went beyond the immediate understanding of a newborn; it acknowledged the incarnation—the Word becoming flesh, the Son of God entering the world.


In conclusion, Tyler’s sermon clip invites us to revisit the Christmas story with fresh eyes, focusing on the hearts behind the characters rather than their roles. The wise men, often relegated to mere onlookers in nativity scenes, emerge as powerful symbols of genuine worship and sacrificial giving. As we celebrate this festive season, let us carry the profound lesson of the wise men—their hearts that recognize the divine significance of a baby in a manger.

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