Embracing Obedience: Unlocking God’s Blessings

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Thirsting for Connection Periminate Satisfaction Only received Through Obedience

At Lakeview Christian Church in Portage Lakes, Drew’s sermon stirred hearts as he delved into the profound connection between obedience and blessings. Surrounded by bottles of Powerade and water, Drew humorously illustrated a crucial truth: despite being encompassed by blessings, we often find ourselves still thirsty.

Before Drew delved into the intricacies of obedience and blessings, he painted a vivid picture of human longing. “We overlook the fact that we are chosen by the very creator of the universe to be his,” Drew began. “Our thirst for love, acceptance, and significance mirrors our innate desire to be in a relationship because we are created in God’s image.”

Drew illuminated the foundational truth that God, in His very nature, is relational—Father, Son, and Spirit. “Just as God exists in perfect relationship within Himself, we are wired for connection,” Drew explained. “Our yearning to be chosen, accepted, and loved reflects the divine imprint within us.”

“We overlook the fact that we are chosen by the very creator of the universe to be his,” Drew emphasized. “We have this insatiable desire to be loved, seeking it from friends, family, or achievements, yet we remain parched.”

In a poignant moment, Drew’s plea echoed the sentiments of many hearts: “God, would you just quit holding back your blessings and give them to me already?” It’s a sentiment familiar to anyone who has felt the ache of loneliness or the weight of unmet expectations.

But Drew illuminated a crucial distinction: “There’s a massive difference between being provided a blessing and possessing that blessing.” Just as Drew observed himself surrounded by bottles of Powerade and water, his parched condition mirrored the spiritual thirst we all experience. “Despite the abundance of blessings around us, we remain thirsty,” Even though Drew had Powerade and water at arm’s reach, it remained ineffective until he took the simple step of obedience—opening the cap and drinking.

Acknowledging our thirst is not a sign of weakness, but a testament to our humanity. “Our thirst is a reminder of our deep-seated need for relationship—with God and with others,” Drew emphasized. “We long to be known, cherished, and valued, echoing the relational nature of our Creator.”

In this realization, Drew invited the congregation to recognize that obedience is not merely about following rules, but about entering into deeper communion with God. “As we embrace obedience, we align ourselves with God’s design for relationship,” Drew proclaimed. “It’s not about earning His love, but about responding to His invitation to intimacy and abundance.”

Drawing from Ephesians 1:3, Drew highlighted that God provides every spiritual blessing, but we must receive them obediently. “God’s blessings are abundant, but our obedience is the key to unlocking and fully experiencing them,” he stressed.

In our longing for deeper relationships or a sense of significance, Drew underscored that God has already demonstrated His love abundantly. “Our lack of obedience can leave us perpetually thirsty, longing for a closeness that God yearns to and has already provided,” Drew emphasized.

As members of Lakeview Christian Church, we’re invited to embrace obedience not as a burden, but as the pathway to abundant living. Through obedience in Christ Jesus, we position ourselves to receive and fully appreciate the blessings God lavishly bestows upon us.

Join us at Lakeview Christian Church as we explore the transformative power of obedience— as we offer “Just Three” ways of knowing God more deeply: “Study, Share, and Serve”. Let’s journey together as we open our hearts to obedience and discover the richness of God’s blessings in our lives.

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