Experience Life Change Through Jesus’ Love

Current Sermon Series: Proverbs - The Way of Wisdom

A Call to Share, Study, and Serve

Experience the Good News of Jesus. At Lakeview, we believe in the transformative power of Jesus’ love. Every day, we are presented with the opportunity to change our lives in response to His divine love. As a church, we work together to accomplish our mission to “Change Lives Through Jesus’ Love”. We do this through three simple actions: Share, Study, and Serve.

Share: Spreading the Good News

The first step in our mission is to Share. Our worship leader, Tyler, explains how sharing the love of Jesus is at the core of our faith. It is through sharing that we spread the Good News and invite others to experience the life-changing power of Christ. Whether it’s through a conversation with a friend, a social media post, or a community event, sharing our faith is essential.

When we share, we are not just imparting information; we are extending an invitation to experience the same love and grace of Jesus. This act of sharing can take many forms. It could be as simple as telling someone about a recent sermon that touched your heart or as involved as leading a Bible study group. The key is to be genuine and let the love of Jesus shine through your words and actions.

Study: Deepening Our Understanding

The second step is to Study. Studying the Bible and other Christian texts helps us deepen our understanding of God’s word and His will for our lives. It is through study that we gain the wisdom and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of life.

At Lakeview Christian Church, we have various study groups and classes designed to help you grow and experience your faith. These sessions provide a supportive environment where you can ask questions, share insights, and learn from others. Studying the Bible is not just an intellectual exercise; it is a spiritual endeavor that brings us closer to God. (Click here to learn more about the different ministries.)

When we study, we also equip ourselves with the tools needed to live a life that honors God. We learn about His promises, Truth, His commandments, and His love for us. This knowledge empowers us to make better decisions, resist temptation, and live a life that reflects our faith and attracts others to want to know more about God.

Serve: Putting Faith into Action

The third step is to Serve. Serving others is a natural outflow of our love for Jesus. It is through service that we put our faith into action and make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter, participating in a mission trip, serving at church, or simply helping a neighbor in need, serving others is a powerful way to demonstrate the love of Christ.

Service is not just about meeting physical needs; it is also about offering emotional and spiritual support. When we serve, we become the hands and feet of Jesus, extending His love and compassion to those around us. This act of service not only benefits others but the experience also enriches our own spiritual lives.

Experience the Power of Communion and Repentance

When we share, study, and serve, it is important to approach it with the right mindset. One crucial aspect of this is having a right attitude toward God, a reverent fear for his power. This fear is not about being scared but about having a deep respect for who God is.

When we have a right fear of God, we are more likely to live in a way that honors Him. This means turning away from evil and repenting of our broken and sinful ways. We all struggle with sin, but the good news is that God has given us His Son to pay our debt on the cross. Jesus died a sinner’s death so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life.

Our worship leader, Tyler, reminds everyone to focus on the love that God has shown us. How instead of pouring out His wrath, He gave us His one and only Son, Jesus. This act of love is the foundation of our faith and the reason we strive to live a life that honors God.

Becoming Part of the Life Change

If you are not yet plugged into the church, we invite you to become part of this life change! By joining in our mission to share Jesus’ love with others and to share, study, and serve, you can play a crucial role for the kingdom of God. It’s not only about personal growth; it is also about making a difference in the lives of others and advancing God’s kingdom on earth.

Our church is committed to supporting you on this journey. We offer various programs and opportunities for you to be involved in and to help make a difference–locally and around the world. Whether you are new to the faith or have been a believer for many years, there is a place for you here to become part of the change.

Final Thoughts

By embracing Share, Study, Serve, we can make a noticeable impact on our community and the world. Together, we can change lives and advance the kingdom of God. We can experience a deeper closeness to God and others. So let’s share, study, and serve with all our hearts, knowing that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Lakeview Christian Church of Portage Lakes invites you to join us in this Sunday. Together, we can experience God’s Grace and share the love of Jesus with those around us.

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