Embracing the Miracle of God With Us

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Unveiling the Extraordinary: The Miracle that the creator of the universe is with us.

Miracle is a word that we do not use or use correctly or frequently but the Miracle of creation is only superseded by the Miracle of the birth of Jesus. This Miracle is only then superseded by His perfect life and willingness to die for humans. This Miracle is then only superseded by his restoration which is a Miracle to all who accept it as it gives eternal life.

In a recent sermon, Jim passionately highlighted a profound moment in the biblical narrative, emphasizing the extraordinary event of God coming down to humanity. The crux of his message revolved around the significance of a virgin conceiving and giving birth to a son, who would be called Emmanuel, meaning “God with us.” This powerful declaration is not just a historical event but a call to action for believers today.

As Jim delved into the heart of the message, he urged the congregation to truly grasp the depth of what unfolded that night in Bethlehem. It wasn’t merely a story of a miraculous birth; it was the fulfillment of promises made by God. The question Jim posed resonates through the ages: Have we prepared our hearts for that sacred night, and are we living out the promises that God delivered not only back then but continues to deliver today.

The Divine Act of Incarnation

At the core of the message is the concept that God, in his infinite love, chose to become flesh and dwell among humanity. Max Leo, as quoted by Jim, aptly expressed this divine act: “God came down.” The magnitude of this statement cannot be overstated. It signifies a God who humbled Himself to become one of us, sending His son, Jesus, to walk the earth as a child, a teen, and an adult—engaging with humanity in the same intimate manner God had in the garden.

Walking and Talking Once Again

Jim emphasized that this was God’s dream from the very beginning—to walk and talk with humanity once again. The Creator, who communed with Adam and Eve in the idyllic garden, sought to restore that connection. Through the birth of Jesus, God manifested His commitment to rekindle the relationship severed by sin. The divine promise unfolded as Jesus walked and talked with humanity, bridging the gap that sin had created.

Jim also acknowledged that everything turned upside down at a certain point in history, alluding to the crucifixion of Jesus. The very Son of God, who had walked with man, experienced the weight of humanity’s sin on the cross. It was a pivotal moment that shook the foundations of the world, yet Jim reassured the congregation that the story did not end there.

The sermon concluded with a powerful proclamation of hope: “And then he will walk and talk with us once again when we get to Glory.” Jim pointed to the ultimate promise—the return of Jesus and the restoration of believers to God’s eternal presence. This anticipation serves as a call to action for believers today.

Impact Lingering: Embracing God’s Presence

In response to the profound truth unveiled in the sermon, Jim encouraged the congregation to live out the name Emmanuel—God with us. This isn’t a distant God but a present one, intimately involved in the lives of His people. Believers were urged to reflect the love and grace of God in their daily interactions, mirroring the way Jesus walked and talked with humanity during His earthly ministry.

As the congregation left the sanctuary, the words of the sermon lingered in their hearts. Jim’s highlighting of the miraculous birth and the subsequent journey of Jesus from Bethlehem to the cross left an indelible mark. The call to action resonated, compelling believers to embody the presence of God in their lives, echoing the promise that God is with us, always. The scriptural reference, “A virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel” (Matthew 1:23, NIV), became more than a historical account—it became a living truth to be embraced and shared in the tapestry of everyday life.

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