The Promise of God With Us


In the heart of Advent, as we light the candle of Joy, or the shepherd’s candle, we delve into the profound message from Luke 2:8-10. This passage unfolds the moment when shepherds, tending their flocks by night, witnessed the glory of the Lord and received the angelic proclamation of “good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” Pastor Jim, in his sermon transcript, takes us beyond the familiar narrative, urging us to reflect on the significance of names and the eternal promise encapsulated in the name Emmanuel.

The Season of Unwrapping

As the holiday season unfolds, Pastor Jim playfully draws attention to the hustle and bustle—last-minute gift shopping, meticulous wrapping, and the delightful chaos that ensues. Amid the festive activities, he playfully points out the meticulous nature of gift wrapping, drawing a parallel to the way we handle the names we carry, especially our own. This sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the profound names given by God in both the Old and New Testaments.

Pastor Jim reflects on the significance of names, emphasizing their deep meaning and the thoughtfulness behind the names we choose for our children. Drawing from personal experience, he shares the joy of selecting names for his daughters, each name carrying a meaningful connection to their identity and purpose.

The Transformative Power of Names

The sermon takes a thought-provoking turn as Pastor Jim explores the transformative power of names in the Bible. He highlights instances where God changed or gave new names, symbolizing a profound shift in the individual’s identity and purpose. From Abram to Abraham, Sarah to Sarah, and Jacob to Israel, these names signified a divine transformation and purpose.

Amidst the names that resonate with divine transformations, Pastor Jim elevates the significance of one name—the name that was never spoken by any man but was declared by angels. This name, revealed to Mary and Joseph, held unparalleled significance. The name was Jesus, meaning “God Saves,” marking the fulfillment of God’s promise to deliver His people.

The great name. Emmanuel

The climax of the sermon centers on the name “Emmanuel,” a name that resonates throughout the Old Testament and finds its ultimate fulfillment in the birth of Jesus. With a heartfelt exploration of Isaiah’s prophecy, Pastor Jim connects the dots between the promise made to Ahaz and the birth of the Messiah. Emmanuel, meaning “God With Us,” becomes the anthem that heralds the presence of the divine among humanity.

Pastor Jim passionately emphasizes the enduring nature of the Emmanuel promise. Drawing parallels between the challenges faced by biblical figures like Moses and Joshua and the disciples, he underscores the consistency of God’s promise to be with His people through all trials and triumphs.

Delving into the story of Joseph and Mary, Pastor Jim introduces a poignant perspective on the power of love. He suggests that Joseph’s decision not to shame Mary but to protect her reflects a profound love—one that transcends societal norms and aligns with the divine love God extends to humanity.

The Timeless Emmanuel Promise

As the sermon reaches its crescendo, Pastor Jim encapsulates the essence of the Emmanuel promise. He encourages the congregation to embrace the truth that God is near, irrespective of life’s circumstances. Whether in moments of joy, fear, or even mundane routines, the promise of Emmanuel remains steadfast.

The sermon concludes with a call to live out the Emmanuel promise in our daily lives. Pastor Jim urges the congregation to reveal God’s truth through their actions, attitudes, and interactions with others. As the seasonal festivities unfold, the focus shifts from the manger to the enduring truth that Emmanuel is not confined to a historical event but is a living reality in the lives of believers.

The Eternal Impact of Emmanuel

In a final prayer, Pastor Jim expresses gratitude for the promise that God’s love came down to Earth. The congregation is encouraged to carry this love forward, becoming agents of transformation in the lives of others. The sermon leaves a lasting impression—a reminder that the Emmanuel promise transcends time, bringing joy, peace, and hope to all who embrace it.

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