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As we dive into the second week of our series, “Cadence,” let’s focus on something that doesn’t always take the spotlight from the pulpit – the cadence of relationships. Jim highlighted the significance of teamwork and rhythm in building a successful football team, drawing parallels to the importance of rhythm in our relationships with each other and with God.

Let’s explore the cadence of relationships, how individual lives find encouragement in this divine rhythm, and how we can discover a cadence in our community – both within the church and the broader brotherhood of Jesus Christ.

The Bible provides clear instructions on fellowship and community, emphasizing the importance of relationships in various contexts, from family and friends to neighbors and different cultures. Relationships, in the sense of rhythm, demand our attention and care. As Jim pointed out, it’s not breaking news, but the rhythm of relationships is something we often overlook but need to discuss more frequently.

Jim prompted us to think about the community we have in the Brotherhood of Jesus Christ. He acknowledged that, like any rhythm, it can be steady or have a syncopated beat that occasionally gets off track. Relationships require focus and management, and fortunately, God’s Word provides clear instructions on fellowship and community.

In Acts 2, we see a beautiful picture of the early church’s fellowship. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. They shared everything in common, and the Lord added to their number daily. This passage has long been held as the cadence for the Christian community, outlining key elements for worship days.

The Greek word used for fellowship, “koinonia,” goes beyond casual interactions. It signifies a deep spiritual union, connecting believers through the body and blood of Jesus. True fellowship happens when we gather in the name of Jesus, creating a bond that goes beyond casual friendship.

Breaking bread together involves both sharing meals and partaking in communion. Jim emphasized the importance of both aspects, highlighting the significance of fellowship dinners as biblical and encouraging.

Prayer is another vital component of worship, both corporately and privately. All these elements build a sense of community that leads to the growth of the church. It’s not just about attending a service; it’s about actively participating in the body of Christ.

Jim introduced the church’s “Just 3” campaign, emphasizing the various ways we can share the message, ministry, and life together. The campaign encourages us to build a real and authentic community, where true friendships, along with Christ, are central.

Building lasting Christ-centered relationships involves love, service, care, and mutual support. It happens through educational classes, Bible studies, small groups, youth programs, and various service opportunities. The church isn’t just a place for worship; it’s a dynamic community where lives are changed every day.

Jim also touched on the challenges of maintaining a healthy rhythm of fellowship in our busy lives. The call to fellowship extends beyond Sunday services to daily interactions, such as going out for coffee, making phone calls, exercising together, and sharing meaningful online content.

The blog post delved into the concept of an online campus, highlighting the new opportunities for fellowship in the digital age. The emphasis was on staying connected and engaged with the church community throughout the week.

Communion, as explained in 1 Corinthians, serves as a powerful way to remember Christ’s sacrifice, death, and resurrection. It’s not just about looking back but also looking forward to His imminent return. The act of taking communion together is a proclamation of the Lord’s death until He comes again.

The blog post concluded by acknowledging the distractions and interruptions that can hinder our rhythm of fellowship and communion. Sin’s invasion into humanity disrupted our rhythm, but Christ’s death on the cross offers restoration. Overcoming distractions and staying focused on the hope of Christ’s return is crucial for a vibrant and meaningful Christian community.

In essence, the post highlighted the significance of biblical fellowship, urging readers to actively participate in the church’s community, both in physical gatherings and online interactions. The Share Component of Just 3 is a call to action for sharing the message, ministry, and life of Christ, fostering genuine and lasting relationships within the body of believers.

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