Christmas Unveiles The Eternal Plan

As we gather on this Christmas Eve, Drew’s sermon echoed through the sanctuary, resonating with a message that transcends the twinkling lights and festive decorations. Beyond the surface of holiday preparations, Drew challenged us to reflect on a profound question: Are we truly ready for Christmas?

Drew offers this poem to help us understand the real meaning of that question.

What does it mean to be ready for Christmas?

For God’s sake, it is not about action, tradition, or even religion

It was and is about a headship His decision

He wants more than a partnership

An intimate relationship

Through this relationship comes ultimate forgiveness

Living and giving this forgiveness is being ready for Christmas

Drew steered away from the conventional retelling of the Christmas story. Instead, he urged us to recognize that the essence of readiness goes beyond adorning our homes with ornaments or wrapping gifts. True readiness, according to Drew, involves making room in our hearts and lives for the transformative presence of Jesus.

Intriguingly, Drew emphasized two pivotal points that he wanted us to grasp unequivocally. First, he reminded us that when the Angels proclaimed the good news, it wasn’t just good news for a select few. It was good news for all people, spanning across time and touching every life we encounter. The significance of the Christmas story extends far beyond a historical event; it reverberates through the ages, reaching each one of us today.

The second crucial point illuminated by Drew was the deliberate nature of God’s plan. He stressed that Christmas wasn’t a random occurrence or an afterthought. God had meticulously orchestrated the events since the beginning, with the promise of His son woven into the fabric of creation itself. The anticipation of Christmas wasn’t merely a seasonal occurrence but a fulfillment of a divine plan set in motion from Genesis.

Drew masterfully guided our reflections by posing another question, one that encouraged introspection about our faith journey. Have we ever faced a situation that challenged our beliefs and tested our faith? He prompted us to recall moments when life deviated from our well-laid plans, leading to doubt and uncertainty. Through this introspection, we paralleled our experiences with the biblical account of Abraham, who, despite initial uncertainties, witnessed God’s promise unfold through generations.

The sermon delved into the intricacies of God’s promises to Abraham and later to Jacob. These promises, passed down through generations, ultimately manifested in the birth of Jesus, the focal point of the Christmas narrative. Drew recounted the story with a personal touch, referencing a Christmas song performed by Eric Watson, emphasizing the profound truth that a baby changes everything.

The narrative didn’t stop at the manger. Drew directed our attention to Jesus’ adulthood, where he extended an invitation that resonates through the ages. Quoting Matthew 11:28, Drew highlighted Jesus’ call for those burdened by sin and religious oppression to find rest in Him. This, Drew asserted, is the true hope of Christmas – a promise of rest and redemption, transcending the joy and festivities associated with the season.

As the sermon progressed, Drew passionately articulated that Jesus didn’t just come to change everything; he came to fix everything. The baby in the manger grew into the man who, through his sacrificial death, paid the price for our sins. The brokenness of humanity, symbolized by the old heavens and earth, was replaced by a new creation through the redemptive work of Christ.

Drew reminded us that the good news of Christmas is rooted in the fact that Jesus did all the work. It’s not about our efforts, traditions, or religious practices. The baby in the manger holds the power to transform lives, offering love, joy, hope, peace, and, ultimately, eternal life. Drew’s message was a powerful invitation to embrace the profound truth that Christmas is not just a celebration; it is a revelation of God’s eternal plan for humanity.

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