Ruth – Chapter 1

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God’s Word has a way to pierce our hearts and engage us in multiple ways and we are excited to take the next five weeks and walk verse by verse through the incredible story of Ruth.

This often overlooked book in the Old Testament contains incredible gems of wisdom that speak powerfully to our lives today. Together we will unpack the themes of loyalty, family, loss, love, and redemption that weave through all of Ruth’s story.

We’ll see how God moves silently but decisively behind the scenes to care for Ruth and Naomi in their suffering, and we’ll explore how their devotion and faith mirror our own relationship with our loving Father, even when He seems hidden.

This story is not only one we can see God’s heart in but we can see the ultimate plan of Jesus and God’s plan to restore His creation from broken in relationship to Redeemed!

Changing Lives Through Jesus’ Love #BeTheChange

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